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High Quality Cabinet Supplier

Choose a High Quality Cabinet Supplier When Searching for a Cabinet Supplier Near Me

New cabinets are a big investment. If you are going to pay the money for new cabinets, you might as well choose a quality product that will last a long time. Choosing a low quality product will usually cause headaches and force a remodel again after only a few years. No one wants wobbly drawers, cracked finishes, or warped wood. When comparing cabinets and costs when searching for a cabinet supplier near me, here are a few things to look for to determine if the company is solid and the product is of high quality:


  • Performance guarantees and extended warranties on the cabinets.

  • Doors and drawers that open without binding or being wobbly.

  • Shelves that are adjustable in wall cabinets or pull out in lower cabinets.

  • Panels in the rear of the cabinet box, plywood sides, and corner braces.

  • Drawers that are self-closing, can hold a minimum of 75 pounds, and has joints that are doweled or dovetailed.

  • Drawer fronts and door frames that are made of solid wood

  • Joinery that is mortise-and-tenon

  • Joints that are both doweled and glued.


Ask many questions before deciding on a high quality cabinet supplier in Malaysia. When possible, inspect the cabinets yourself in the showroom to look for the above mentioned features. If this is not possible, ask for complete descriptions of the product and clarify anything not adequately described. Be sure that you find a reputable high quality cabinet supplier. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations for good, honest companies that will stand behind their products, provide reliable information, and treat their customers right. Protect your investment from the start and get the cabinets you have always wanted.

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