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Dohson Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality wood product, especially in Residence, Commercial, Hospitality and Office jobs. Dohson is your one stop modular and custom made furniture solution. We are able to advise our client with our professional guide for the selection. Creation of the product are beneficial to all end user to have creative inspiration design lifestyle. Our company's objective is to consistently supply a good quality product to meet customer's expectation. Our portfolio and skills enable us to export specialized manufacture services across the organization to respond and build to specific client needs throughout the region and abroad.

Our Product

  • Modular Cabinet - Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Office Filling Cabinet.

  • Standard Door Panel Design (Membrane Series).

  • Custom made cabinet.

  • Custom made doors.

  • Custom made 2D & 3D decoration panel.

Our Goal

  • Good quality and durable product.

  • Fast technology production to meet project timeline and schedule.

  • Easy installation for time saving.

  • Modular cabinet are easy Mix & Match.

  • Variety of color selection to match design concept.

  • Economic and value for money.

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