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Membrane Door Manufacturer In Malaysia

  Membrane Door Manufacturer in Malaysia Offers Durable Products

When shopping for new doors, it is a good idea to take a look at membrane doors. A membrane door is designed to last for a long time and holds up very well to wear and tear. The inside of a membrane door is comprised of high density fiber that is made from recycled wood. This solid material is then overlaid with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane, which gives the door many advantages. These doors are very strong and resistant to cracking, shrinking, and swelling. Caring for these doors is very simple. They can be wiped down easily and cleaned every day if needed.


Membrane doors are also heat resistant and keep their shape. There are several different colors and designs available and the colors do not fade or change much over time. Dohson Sdn Bhd, a membrane door manufacturer in Malaysia, offers a variety of choices in membrane doors. Choose from a variety of designs in white, other solid colors, a gorgeous wood tone, and even marble. The finish will be smooth, clean, and pleasing to the eye.


Choose a membrane door for a home, office, or commercial building. Our company, which is based in Puchong, offers a variety of sizes to fit standard openings and can also design a door to fit sizes that are not listed. Update the doors in your home with membrane doors that will last for many years to come, wow your clients with the clean and smooth look of new doors in your office, or make a solid investment by choosing durable doors for your commercial building. Having beautiful doors that are not scuffed up or scratched sends a message that you truly care about your property and value the finer things in life.

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